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ABULABA l FIRST TRAIDING CONSULTAN GLOBAL MARKET ABULABA COIN 1,Financial Blockchain start up AAA which  is going on the breakthrough steps , associated with the leading Asian financial organisations, as well as the presence of CASTA corporation , who  specializes in researching applications technology blockchain Hongkong on the list of global members. 2,AAA group, which is the Asian  largest independent  corporation , has just announced publicly,  Will cooperate with the strongest financial organisations including the banks to develop the commercial applications technology blockchain on industrial branches and financial services, 3," The diversity of blockchain corporation 's members system is beyond the geographical border" CEO AAA said. 4,By cooperating in extended sphere with unbanked association and the existing banks, our big partners . We assure the technology which is developed in our laboratory,  Will represent for a variety of benefits and will meet wide demand of the investors in global system 5,Global system of AAA 's partners will be reunited in the environment of the laboratory in the period of research and development in the AAA 's laboratory and the research centre where the smart contract blockchain Corda was developed, 6,The specialization in AAA group include studying accounting books,  security,  and the possibility of extension.  AAA group provides us with the knowledge in financial services of the leading finance organisations and the potential applications technology blockchain  worldwide and especially in Pacific-  Asia areas.