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ALMbank is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency platform that will be the first ever barter-backed labor pool; which focuses on startups, ICO’s, charitable works, and dream projects. We will be able to fund otherwise un-fundable projects through the use of sweat equity, in conjunction with a meritocracy-based project-exposure system. You can think of it as a high-end job market that will have a meaningful cultural impact on business models of the future. We are creating a platform where people will be encouraged to do work for coins and spend coins, but mostly as a means for real world production, instead of as a purely trading-based platform. This will create a sustainable demand for a currency, which can eventually be backed by dollars/silver, to the tune of thirty percent; thereby creating a stable/sustainable, growth-oriented micro-economy. The ALMbank token pre-sale and crowd sale will help fund the development of the platform, it’s marketing, and branding. ALMbank will be developed as state-of-the-art labor exchange platform, based on the Ethereum platform’s smart contract protocol. Utilizing this blockchain technology will provide a secure system for users to deposit and transfer funds within our platform. Youtube: