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We are a team of young developers, it' all ahead of us (we have a big challenge ahead of us) and we believe in our project! ASTRUM project was created for the fashion industry, top fashion brands and for everything related to this growing market. It is a fast and convenient payment solution, safe and secure. Decentralization can provide equal opportunities for everyone and reduce the risk of fraud in fluctuating currencies. We want ASTRUM to be the first coin in the fashion industry; we want people of taste to use it, namely, designers, couturiers, fashion models and prosperous people who can appreciate art and style. We will associate ASTRUM brand with major fashion houses such as Gucci, Dolce, Brioni, Moncler, etc. A part of the revenues will be used for competitions and grants for young unknown designers, thus we will be changing the world. We’ve used PoS based Dash since we consider it to be the future, seeing that PoW technology is impractical. We want our investors to gain profit, and we care for everyone who has invested. Clearly, we'll rebrand, there will be a lot of challenges on the way, but we can see the foreseeable fu ture of ASTRUM. We welcome any support and appreciate the community you've made sure of that while talking to the team members. We pay accurate attention to every question and idea. We provide convenient and quick service.