# Name Link ICOscale Total End Time
BIT GAME EXCHANGE (BGX) BIT GAME EXCHANGE (BGX) 3,000,000,000 BGX 10,000,000,000 BGX 2018-06-08
Whitepaper for BIT GAME EXCHANGE (BGX)


BIT. GAME Exchange BIT.GAME is the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games, it will not only grow together with all the members but also share benefits through PoC Mining Pool and Double Repurchase Program with global game players as well as exchange users.   BIT.GAME Solution BIT.GAME provides an original and complete set of development kits for traditional game publishers based upon Ethereum, Achain, TrustNote, Gamechain System, and Matrix AI Network etc. BIT.GAME Solution contains Off-Chain Circulation Solution, Single-Public Blockchain Solution and Multi-Public Blockchain Solution.   BIT.GAME Platform BIT.GAME Platform is based on DAICOs, and it offers technical support, incubation funds and asset trading for all the innovative, high-potential blockchain game projects.