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Bitlumens brings electricity from renewable sources using Internet of Things (IoT) and the Blockchain to women in developing countries. Thanks to solar energy and our technology, people can use electricity, charge their electrical appliances and even water their crops! Women lease our hardware and pay in installments denominated in BLS tokens. This allows them to build a credit score leading to financial inclusion and poverty alleviation. In addition, family members can buy tokens to send a remittance which could cover the expenses for the machine, meaning water and electricity bills can be covered while reducing the transaction fees of remittances. We also quantify carbon mitigation and particulate matter reduction in each household to allow women to become carbon credit issuers at a later stage. The current milestones of Bitlumens are: 1. The deployment of 100 off grid solar devices by the end of April 2018. 2. The addition of the software to run the hardware using tokens by the end of May. 3. The deployment of IoT to track carbon and black carbon mitigation. 4. After June we will be adding solar pumps into our hardware ecosystem.