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Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network. It enables anyone who has a smartphone to buy and  sell ether using cash and spend it at physical stores listed on the Dether map. Dether creates a worldwide  ecosystem of ether buyers, sellers and physical stores willing to trade ether for fiat cash and accept it as a  means of payment. Dether provides the infrastructure for people to embrace Ethereum technology in their  everyday lives.  Dether is available on any smartphone.  No bank account is needed to buy and sell ether.  No credit or debit card is needed to spend ether at physical stores. BUY AND SELL ETHER. ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. WITH CASH.  Dether offers the unique ability to let anyone safely buy and sell ether anywhere, anytime, with cash. Because  we believe that Ethereum won’t know mass adoption until it’s easily and quickly accessible to anyone on Earth,  we decided to create the first Dapp that brings the key solution in order to interact with the Ethereum blockchain  from anywhere in the world. The fastest and easiest way for anyone to buy ether  Dether offers the unique opportunity to have access to ether within minutes by using a phone and spending cash.  Users are able to discover ether sellers, called tellers, near them on the Dether map, their ETH/fiat rate, the fees  that they take, and chat anonymously with them. Buyers are free to engage a conversation with the seller they  want to trade with in order to agree on the trading conditions and the meeting point to exchange ether for cash A cross-border market for ether tellers  Any ether owner can officially become a seller on Dether and benefit from a new, profitable activity. Ether sellers  can now become mobile “PTM” (People Teller Machine) by being on the Dether map and selling ether for fiat  currency anywhere in the world at any time. Sellers are free to set up their own ETH/fiat rate and their own fees.  Spend ether at local stores, shops and businesses  On Dether, users discover physical stores near them that accept ether. As Ethereum popularity is quickly increasing  throughout the world, more and more businesses are accepting ether. Tomorrow, the Dether map will give  everyone the opportunity to discover all of the places nearby where ether is accepted Dether users are able to discover shops near them that:  - accept ether as a means of payment  - are willing to buy or sell ether for cash  Users are able to spend their ether without the need for a bank account or a credit/debit card. For specific needs,  users are able to type the kind of physical stores they are looking for (e.g.: “restaurant”) in their city to see which  ones are accepting ether. • Adding their own shops to the Dether map and expanding their businesses  Shop owners can let the whole world know that they’re now accepting ether! As the number of ether buyers and  tellers that use the Dether map will grow rapidly, physical stores are also able to be part of the ecosystem by being  listed on the Dether map.