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20 facts about Fire Lotto: 100% decentralized lottery platform. Everything is built on ETH smart contracts. Starting from 4 popular lottery games. Minimum loosing combinations = real chances to win Jack Pot. 70% of tickets sales go to Jack Pot. Winnings are paid out automatically after each draw. Lottery ticket starting price – 2 USD. Ability to add more popular lottery games. Play Fire Lotto from any device without an app. Play in one click. Payments are d totally secured and made in one click. Transparent referral program. Join us and get up to 15% cashback for each ticket sold. 10% commission payments to FLOT token holders provide an endless source of crypto income. The prize pool can grow up millions and millions of dollars. Random number generator is based on BTC blockchain. Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be faked. No hidden charges, taxes and etc. Fire Lotto platform cannot be shut down or effected anyway. The Fire Lotto is totally anonymous. GitHub open code. The first internet community owned lottery. How does Fire Lotto work? You can choose instant or draw lottery. Instant lottery Roger’s wheel has a fortune wheel with 21 numbers. It offers bets from 0,007 ETH with coefficient from 2 to 20. If you guess the right number, then you’ll receive your bet multiplied by chosen coefficient. There are 3 types of draw lottery: 4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45. You pick one, buy a ticket and mark numbers. Lotteries are held every 6 hours. Your winnings are based on amount of numbers that you’ve guessed. Why Fire Lotto is the most honest lottery? • Winning number are chosen by RNG based on blockchain technology Bitcoin, so they are impossible to fake. • All lottery parameters are in open source. They are accessible and fully transparent 24/7. • Complete anonymity and safety. No taxes! • Decentralized platform provides full autonomy and independence. • Record payments to prize pool – 70% from all raised funds. Try Fire Lotto right now! • Minimum price of a lottery ticket is about $2 • Mobile and PC versions • User-friendly interface • Instant winnings payout • You need only crypto wallet and Internet access to play Fire Lotto is a perfect investment! • More sold tickets – more commission payments for investors • Exchange rate of FLOT token is rising (examples of similar projects)