Global B2B Services Exchange(ACT)

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Acuitty is establishing a Global B2B Services Exchange Powered by Blockchain based smart-contracts. The Exchange will start by focusing on the $500 Billion Management Consulting and Technology Services Markets. Acuitty Tokens would be the currency of choice on the platform. And, 100% of the distributed profits would be used to buy and burn Acuitty Tokens. Value creation The ecosystem as 4 problems as of today. The following also describes how these are being solved. (i) Discovery: buyers are unable to find the best suppliers. The Acuitty platform provides modules (Listings  Engine and RFQ Engine) that help suppliers and buyers fine each other. Additional modules help them  contract (more info in the whitepaper). (ii) Trust: buyers not comfortable using new service suppliers. Ratings for buyers and suppliers make the  counter-party history transparent to both sides. This is provided using Ratings Engine Module in the solution  platform (more info in the whitepaper). (iii) Idle capacity: raises cost for suppliers and prices for buyers. Suppliers can hold flash sales and offer  discounted rates for deploying their idle capacity and thereby earning extra revenue.  (iv) Execution: project management planning and delivery remains a challenge for service vendors. Acuitty  tools, reports, metrics and best practice tutorials enable good project management from the suppliers. Difference from competition Globally, the B2B Services Exchange space is largely empty. There are few players in this domain and the  ones that are operating are very small. So, this is, for all practical purposes, a virgin market waiting to be  tapped.