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HomeMine offers an opportunity to earn money on passive mining on household electrical appliances. We make mining a simple daily activity that does not require investments and technical skills. HomeMine is a budget-oriented device in the form of a network filter with an integrated mining chip to be used for passive mining in home conditions. Just plug any household appliance into the filter to launch the mining process. You mine every time you use a kettle, a microwave, charge your smartphone and so on! All HomeMine devices are connected to the mining pool of the project in which HomeMineCoin is mined. The mined coins may be sold on a guaranteed basis to the project administration at a fixed rate of $42 per 1 HMC. After production starts, the HMT token may be exchanged for the HomeMine network filter. The HMC coin mined with the help of the device also serves as a means of paying for new network filters based on:  1 HMT = 1 HMC = 1 device = $42 BENEFITS 1) Saving money HomeMine is passive mining in which you do not have to invest money,  You just use household appliances and thus compensate the electricity costs. 2) Simplicity of use                                                                                                 You don’t need any technical skills to use HomeMine. To launch mining, just connect the appliance to the network using the device. 3) Safety                                                                                                                     HomeMine is protected from overheating, so you won’t have to solve the problem of cooling orear the risk of fire or short circuit. 4) Guarantee of earnings HomeMine administration guarantees that buy-back of HMC will be carried out at a fixed rate of $42 after mass production of devices starts. To date, 10 HomeMine devices are working in a test mode in different parts of the world: in Mexico, Germany, India, Russia, USA, China and Brazil. The first performance indicators speak for themselves: $94,8 is the average revenue per device per month. PRESALE DISCOUNT 50%!