Noble Assets Coin(NBAC)

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Noble Assets Coin assumes, first of all, the purchase of unique jewelry and diamond assets that have a historical value and, second of all, their sell in the form of an auction. This sale will be made through one of the two largest and most renowned auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's and will take place in exceptional locations such as Geneva, London, New York and Hong Kong, where these auction houses carry out the largest auctions. Thanks to the contacts we possess, after purchasing these assets, we will store them in secure premises in Geneva and London, in renowned companies such as Degussa and Ferrari Expeditions, in dedicated to us safety deposit boxes, and then those assets, that throughout the period from their purchase to their sale will be insured, in cooperation with one of the above-listed auction houses, will be transported to the location where the given auction will take place. By averaging the transactions made in the form of an auction for the past 5 years we can conclude, that the expected profitability from this investment, which will be carried out within 1 year from the end of the ICO, will fluctuate around 88,4 %, taking into account that the lowest value of such transaction, which can be pointed out, is the increase of the assets by 49,5 %, and the highest is the increase by 162,7 %. Due to the above, we have decided to guarantee you a minimum profitability of 20,6 %, which will be calculated from the date of making the investment during the Pre-ICO period, and a guaranteed profitability of 19,1 % per annum for the investment made during the ICO period (considering the day of investment). In conclusion, the profitability ascribed to each Token can not be less than the guaranteed value mentioned-above, however, which results from the additional materials we present You, it can be much higher.