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The current social network ecosystems have left users feeling more disconnected than ever. By selling their  users data, they are making billions. Leaving users with nothing but diminished privacy and security. We  believe the existing model is broken, abusive and the ultimate cause of anti-social behavior. There is lack  of a user controlled secure platforms which promote social human interaction. Peerity aims to change this,  and we will never sell your data or allow employers or governments to log in and snoop on you. Peerity's goal is to provide the tools and space for communities to assemble, grow and thrive. It pairs users  of like-minded interests and incentivizes on- and offline community activity. It measures its impact of activity  and rewards the communities and users with its native PEER token. The PEER token can be used within the  platform for e-commerce, crowd funding, staking and tipping community participants for active behavior, and  can be sold and converted into any currency.