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General Sp8de - implemented within a protocol created and maintained by the scientists - pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as we know it today using the Cardano blockchain. Sp8de’s aim is to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry for the first time since the creation of the Internet. The online iGaming is the industry with no future: centralized and obscure, the online casinos currently in existence can only offer ridiculous house edges, uncertainty in processing the payments, inward and otherwise, and the need to rely on the randomness generated elsewhere. In layman terms, you can’t be sure that the game design is fair, that the randomness used to generate game outcomes is unbiased and that you will get you money back if you win. The blockchain is the fit-for-purpose technology that is set to solve all of these issues. The goal If funded and developed, Sp8de will be a game changer on the on-chain gambling landscape as there is no one out there as of now who would combine these qualities. Also, the whole idea of the first Cardano-blockchain-based casino will facilitate the change of the general public perception of the on-chain gambling projects: Sp8de is capable of carrying this promising industry away from the cryptospace underground to the realm of regulation and stakeholder focused development. Why Cardano? Cardano offers multiple features that put any casino protocol built on top of it far ahead of the currently existing projects in the space. The problem of generating on-chain randomness that had to be resolved to create a provably secure POS protocol exactly mirrors the biggest impediment that was stifling the progress in the crypto-gambling space. The absence of a reliable mechanism for generating ‘good quality’ distributed uniform randomness is still not resolved in the blockchain casino industry. By leveraging the features of the Ouroboros protocol, we aim at exactly this spot. This, however, is not all. The academic formalism and mathematical rigor that characterize most of the work being done at the Cardano team is also a decisive factor: people don’t want to hear that they are ‘highly unlikely’ to be cheated, they would rather hear something like ‘asymptotically impossible’ instead. Our idea We want to set up an ecosystem governed by smart-contracts with pre-specified roles generally associated with any application development and a set of economic incentives that protect the prosperity and integrity of the entire system. The major product that Sp8de offers will be the Cardano-powered smart contract functionality supplying provably random strings at high frequencies. These strings are intended to fuel the universe of casino applications. Carefully designed application-specific and general-purpose programming languages, Simon and Plutus respectively, will serve as an additional benefit differentiating Sp8de from the competition: unlike e.g. Solidity, it will be developer and user friendly.