# Name Link ICOscale Total End Time
Tripally(ALLY) Tripally(ALLY) 72 000 000 ALLY 100 000 000 ALLY 2017-11-30


TripAlly Is The World's First Global Connectivity Platform TripAlly addresses the major pain points of the travel industry: Internet Connectivity. TripAlly is the first company in the world to offer travelers connectivity to the mobile Internet WITHOUT: • The need to buy and change SIM-card • High-roaming fees, the need for extra devices (e.g., pocket Wi-Fi, etc.) • The inherent limitations of public Wi-Fi For the fixed price similar to local Internet rates, travelers will enjoy access to unlimited mobile data in each country they visit. Travelers will also benefit from a number of very useful, additional services, each engineered with the most robust blockchain technology. ICO Website: www.tripally.co TripAlly Whitepaper (En): www.tripally.co/media/tripally_whitepaper.pdf ICO terms: www.tripally.co/media/tripally_ico_terms.pdf TripAlly presentation: www.tripally.co/media/tripally_product_presentation.pdf TripAlly ICO terms: www.tripally.co/media/tripally_terms_and_conditions.pdf Telegram English: @tripally_en t.me/tripally_en