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The unified framework for blockchain based business integration Unibright is a team of developers with 20+ years of experience in business integration. Nowadays most companies have a strong interest in Blockchain technology, but struggle to use it. That is why we created Unibright Framework. Unibright makes it easy to integrate Blockchain technology into existing business. Unibright empowers business process specialists to enable a complete blockchain based business integration lifecycle without having to be a coding expert. The whole process can be done using 4 parts of the Unibright framework: - The Unibright Visual Workflow Designer gives anyone the ability to craft powerful Blockchain-based solutions with no coding skills or expensive developers required! - The Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager transforms visually designed workflows into different platform-dependent code at the push of a button! - The Unibright Explorer organizes smart contract data into a useful, easy to understand dashboard. - The Unibright Connector interfaces existing IT landscape with different blockchains and smart contracts. WP:https://unibright.io/download/unibright_whitepaper.pdf