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Relevant information: In the next 12 months UTEMIS will repurchase most of the Tokens and will burn them UTEMIS is a Token that creates a Single Economic Space for Business to Business transactions in Latin America. The company is focused at solving the three problems that Latin American companies suffer on a daily basis, for each problem there is a product and a revenue model. Problem 1: Finding companies to do business with, Latin America is very inefficient, finding customers and suppliers overseas is really challenging. Problem 2: Trusting people. Once you have found someone, how do you trust that it is a legitimate and honorable company? Problem 3: Bank transfers. The average commission for a bank transfer in Latin America is 25% (yes… 25%!) there are several political reasons that explains this. Product 1: A large comprehensive database of all companies in Latin America. Product 2: UTEMIS Reputational Blockchain, where every transaction conducted is recorded so businesses reputation becomes the driver for bringing in more business. Product 3: An escrow account, so 100% of the times, the money from the buyer is protected until the seller has delivered and the buyer has okayed the order. Revenue model 1: Advertising, to have a larger shop or to appear in the priority list. Revenue model 2: A fixed 1% commission fee is applied on all transactions after a certain number of transactions that are free per month. Revenue model 3: Profitability obtained from managing the escrow account. Last, UTEMIS has an initial base of loyal investors that have been there since day one. And to whom we will be forever grateful. Pre-TGE: 16 September to 23 September - 25% Discount TGE Week 1: 23 September to 30 September - 15% Discount TGE Week 2: 30 September to 07 October - 10% Discount TGE Week 3: 07 October to 14 October - 5% Discount