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Verifier(VRF) Verifier(VRF) Pre,Main undetermined


Verifier provides fact-checking service for personal identity as well as for any event related information. We use the Uber approach to deliver such service.   We created a decentralized network of independent agents (DNV), the verifiers. Any individual may serve as a verifier after registering in our system and successfully passing all necessary examinations, such as specifically designed tests,  background checks,  etc. The information that they can verify is as follows: -Customer’s identity (KYC), which can be provided free of charge, if the verification is based on selfies; -Real estate or a vehicle location and other related information; -Location, time and participants of a business operation; Our product can be used in different industries, e.g. banking, notary services, real estate, e-commerce, dating websites, market research etc. Verifier team consists of 16 professionals who have 116 years of combined experience in business administration and more than 50 successful business projects. Verifier is a global standard of trust.