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WHAT IS ZEON? A Community driven project that will solve the problems like scams, hacking, fraud, security and mass-adoption. Our non-profit organization, will create technologies for the future of secure participation in projects. ZEON is a decentralized ecosystem based on Proof-of-Stake 3.0 and Erebus Masternodes. Main features: ATLAS: Secure purchases of ICO/ crypto projects with minimal risks. As a user you will control the funding of any crypto project. PoS 3.0: ZEON Masternode Erebus which has 7 levels and Stacking. Using oracle Hyperion to monitoring of crypto/ICO project. User-friendly ZEON Wallet Utilises BlockChain 4.0 The best P2P transactions by Mediator ZEON will also solve the problem of "Mass Adoption" in crypto in the lives of everyday users. The solution to the problem: The ZEON BlockChain, being used as an open, transparently anonymous and immutable system. Using a cutting edge UI design and only the most innovative UX in our products. The ZNC coin is a product of the combined skills and abilities of a growing community of coders, developers and business professionals. How it works? ATLAS: The process of safe purchase of ZNC The following is implemented and displayed in the dashboard of the user: - name of the ICO project - individual ZNC wallet address of ICO/crypto project for secure purchase (integrated with the Hyperion oracle) - maximum amount of collected purchases of ZNC - dates of purchases collection - opportunity to vote for/against this project (1 ZNC = 1 vote) - feature of safe purchase of ZNC - additional information. 2 types of interaction with the ICO/crypto project: 1. ZNC token holders are initiator of secured purchases. This type will be popular in the beginning because ICO/crypto projects don’t know about ZEON Network. 2. ICO/crypto project is an initiator of secured purchases. After purchase of the ZNC tokens in the ICO project, the user receives the ICO project tokens to the ZEON Multi Wallet (there may be ETH sub-tokens or altcoins). Further the function becomes available for monitoring the project and taking part in voting on reducing or increasing the daily financing of the team. The user can be sure that his purchase is reliably protected by the ZEON protocol. BLOCKCHAIN AND PoS 3.0 Our blockchain prodives creating PoS 3.0 cryptocurrency with an annual Return of 51%. Masternodes with 7 levels of remuneration will increase the percentage to 80%. ADVANCED PAYMENT SYSTEM Fast, free, secure, truly anonymous or public [you choose] transactions. Holding $ZNC and making exchanges with coins/alts by Mediator. Cross-chain trading provides our users the ability to sell and buy crypto on exchanges in milliseconds. INNOVATIVE ORACLE HYPERION The world's 1st coin with oracle system. Participation in projects in current day ICOs/Crypto Projects are risky. Till now you control project by voting and decide to increase or decrease a tap of funding. SECTOR FinTech, Market Prediction, P2P Exchanges, Trading, Capital Management TOKENS FOR SALE 10% PRE-ICO 50% ICO PRICE FOR TOKEN 1 ZNC = 0,0005$ TOKEN LEGAL ZNC - Utility token Provides profit share and voting rights TOKEN TYPE ZNC ERC20 for crowdsale and then migration to ZNC on ZEON Blockchain (1:1) SOFT CAP & HARD CAP Soft Cap: ~ 2 000 000 USD Hard Cap: ~15 000 000 USD Total Supply 50 000 000 000 ZNC 20% of total supply is reserved fund of ZEON for users cross-chain operations ZEON Consensus PoS 3.0: - Erebus Masternode (7 levels of profit) - Staking ICO bonus +15% - 100 000$ +10% - 50 000$ +5% - 10 000$ +3% - 5 000$ Min transaction amount 0,2 ETH 0,0125 BTC 1 LTC Becoming a part of our community www.zeon.network Get free ZNC via our massive Airdrop dashboard.zeon.network and click the button "Get free ZNC"